My Story

My passion for luxurious, natural beauty products was ignited during my early twenties while I traveled. The more I traveled to different countries, I was fortunately allowed the opportunity to experience beauty rituals of different cultures and fell in love and adapted the very necessary indulgence of spa treatments. However, as I traveled Europe, it was Paris that stole my heart. The French way of seeing skin care routines as a necessary part of life, their way of choosong only the best products, accenting a healthy skincare regimen with a simple red lip and proper grooming spoke to my desire to have no-fuss, highly effective skincare products while I traveled – and that stayed with me throughout my life.

Fast forward a couple decades, I find myself battling Hyper-Pigmentation and age spots. However to my dismay, there aren’t enough clean products out there made for my skin type that would safely and effectively clear my skin. Now as a mother of one pre-teen and one teenage daughter, I am in competition with distorted images of beauty while I do all I can to instill confidence in my daughters.

Skôt Beauté was born out of a desire to create a luxury line of skincare that is natural, pure, effective and safe for all. I developed the Skôt Beauté Ritual to creste a spa like experience with a simple self care regimen that women will love and my daughters can embrace as a necessary experience and knowing they are entitled to nothing but tbe best – as a good skincare routine will yield a natural beautiful healthy glow that will boost anyone’s confidence, regardless of age.

At Skôt Beauté, we believe pampering ourselves is a must, celebrating natural beauty is vital and that each and every woman should love, love, love the skin they’re in and embrace their individual uniqueness. Our products are created with this in mind and it is our singular intention to make you feel more beautiful every day.

Discover Skôt Beauté and let loose the gorgeous glow that belongs to only you. You will find an effective ingredient that takes you someplace around the world and give you that spa indulgence necessity. Your skin will glow, your beauty will radiate and you will experience luxury in your own way. Lets celebrate, enhance and love our natural beauty.

I wish you peace, love and tons of laughter,

Toks Fahm Ajayi – Founder